How can I place an unverified household?

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How can I place an unverified household?

Postby JimRedd » Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:07 pm

How can I change a location from unmapped to unverified? I could do this with the classic LDS Maps where I had the option to specify if the location was exact or approximate after I marked the location on the map.

In the new LDS Maps, when I mark the location of the "unmapped" household on the map , it defaults to verified status. I want to be able to assign it "unverified" status, because I am determining the location based on Google maps. If someone has visited the household, we record it as a verified location which is perfect. If we can assign a location as unverified, it is obvious that someone needs to visit to confirm the location.

This is significant because we have 200 unmapped households in our ward.

I am pursuing this with the support people through feedback, but thought I would post here also to take advantage of all the knowledgable people out there.

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Re: How can I place an unverified household?

Postby jdlessley » Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:44 am

Once a household location is moved it is considered verified. There is no way to identify a household location as unverified or approximate as in the old LDS Maps. The current Ward Map has been simplified to just unverified or not-unverified. I use the term not-unverified because there is no "unverified location" comment equivalent for the household once it has been moved. There simply is no status. There is only the link to "Change Location".

If you have access to a local government GIS map I would use that instead of something like Google Maps. Most counties in the US have GIS mapping available for the general public. Google Maps used in conjunction with other mapping sites such as Bing Maps can be the next best thing to a government GIS mapping service, but they are more likely to have errors. I use my county GIS map along with Google Maps and Bing Maps to get the highest level of confidence in the accuracy of a household location. I have found no errors in my county GIS map. But there are missing addresses in areas where construction is relatively new and the map has not kept up with the construction.

Sadly what is missing from the current Ward Map is the ability that existed in the classic LDS Maps to input the geographic coordinates to place the household.
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