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Missionary Online Recommendation System

Postby jeromer7 » Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:06 am

Ran into an interesting situation last night while entering information from a missionary candidate's Physician's Health Evaluation. It is the first time I had one with a positive TB result (item #22). The problem cropped up in item #24 "INH is prescribed." The "yes" box is checked on the form and on the printed form that's all that is required. However, in the on-line form, you must enter a "date when treatment will be completed."

Since there is no indication on the hard copy form that this information is required, obviously it is not there. So now the submission is on hold until I can get the candidate to get the date.

I used the "contact us" link to send this feedback to the developers, but wanted to share this with the community in case there are other submission clerks here that could benefit from knowing of the potential issue.

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