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Missionaries Area Book App NOT properly updating the Missionary Progress Record

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 5:19 pm
by rontilby
13 months ago, I opened a support incident with CHQ-MSS-PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-PROSELYTING regarding some people showing on the "Missionary Progress Record" report in LCR that nobody (Full-Time Missionaries, Mission Office, Ward Mission Leader, Ward Clerk, Clerk Support at CHQ) could remove from the report. There has been no visible progress - the erroneous entries still show on the report.

Today, I spoke with one of the Full-Time Elders assigned to my ward, and he reported that NONE of the areas where he has served had "Missionary Progress Record" reports that agreed with what was in their "Area Book" app. Another Elder that I recently spoke with reported that he has seen cases where investigator church attendance was updated in their Area Book App, but the "Missionary Progress Record" never showed the updated information. This elevates my suspicion that my experience is not an isolated incident.

If users on this forum can confirm that "Missionary Progress Record" reports are not synchronizing properly from the Full-Time Missionaries' "Area Book" app, then perhaps CHQ-MSS-PRODUCT MANAGEMENT-PROSELYTING would realize the severity of the issue and fix their software.