Privacy settings by members

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Privacy settings by members

Postby McLaughlinES » Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:28 pm

We have recognized that many more members are setting privacy settings for their phone numbers and email addresses. We recognize some have set them not really understanding what they are doing. We know that some of our members are in the military or sensitive occupations that prompt the use of privacy. The problem is that the only way ward council members can tell if info is set to private or ward is if they click their name on the ward map. LDS Tools does not alert a ward council member that the info is private. This makes it difficult for them to know which info they can give to another member. It also makes it difficult when assigning a home or visiting teacher but yet not be able to give them an email or phone number. How are others handling this? Could private info some how be highlighted in the directory and LDS Tools for ward leaders.

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