When Temple Workers Move

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When Temple Workers Move

Postby rontilby » Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:07 pm

I'm a ward clerk. Today, I asked my stake president if there was a list of current temple workers that he had access to. He showed me the list of current temple workers that Stake Presidents and Bishops have access to.
(It would be convenient for calling management in the ward if temple worker callings showed up in Leader & Clerk Resources.)

My questions are:
When a currently serving Temple Worker moves out of a ward (and stake), but stays within the same Temple District, does the Temple Worker callings database get updated so that the member shows as a current Temple Worker in their new ward and stake?
What if they move to a different Temple District?
Is there any notification to Bishops and/or Stake Presidents that a Temple Worker has moved into (or out of) their ward and/or Stake?

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