Class roll for Teaching the Savior's Way

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Class roll for Teaching the Savior's Way

Postby jsnauvoo » Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:57 am

Hello. With the new class rolling out, I would like to set up up class roll for 2nd and 3rd hours that would be seperate of each other. With LCR are we able to create custom class names? This will allow the Sunday School to track attendance, and follow up with attendees.


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Re: Class roll for Teaching the Savior's Way

Postby lajackson » Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:42 pm

I suppose you could, but it is not a Sunday School class. It is a Teacher Council Meeting. As with any other council meetings, such as the priesthood executive committee or the ward council, I guess you could take attendance.

LCR will allow you to set up custom lists. Of course, it does not allow you to actually record attendance in LCR. This is no different from any other group defined in LCR. You would print out the list and then manually record who attends.

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