Gospel Doctrine Roll completely empty

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Gospel Doctrine Roll completely empty

Postby landbeck » Sun May 29, 2016 7:51 am

Somehow between quarter 1 and quarter 2 of this year, our Gospel Doctrine class has lost all of its attendees when we try to print the roll.

For Quarter 1, I believe we printed it using mls, and it was (as is normal) every adult in the ward, whether they have a 2nd hour calling or not.

For Quarter 2, when we go to lds.org LCR to create the roll (because we can no longer create them on mls) and I generate the Sunday School rolls, the youth classes all print normally and correctly, but the Gospel Doctrine roll is empty of students. If I select the Gospel Docrine roll in isolation, it generates empty of students. *BUT* if I ask for ALL Organizations, a roll for Gospel Doctrine does generate a roll with students which only has 38 students listed as being in the class. None of these people has been to church or attended Sunday School this year, with the exception of two YSAs who recently turned 18.

What happened to our roll?

I went and checked, and the members who have been attending Sunday School Gospel Doctrine in past are correctly noted as attending the class in the Callings/Classes tab of LCR Member information.

I tried assigning a member of the ward from the default "Gospel Doctrine" to "Marriage and Family Relations," saved it, then assigned them back to "Gospel Doctrine" to see if it would force their appearance on the list, but no joy (in either generating the class by itself - empty, or in generating the class roll as part of an All Organization job, the roll remains 38 attendees). Any thoughts?

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Re: Gospel Doctrine Roll completely empty

Postby zaneclark » Sun May 29, 2016 8:27 am

I was able to see and print a Gospel Doctrine roll with all adult members in LCR.... Not sure what your problem might be.....

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Re: Gospel Doctrine Roll completely empty

Postby scgallafent » Tue May 31, 2016 9:20 am

Your Gospel Doctrine and Gospel Principles classes have been combined. This was commonly done as a way to hide unused classes in MLS. LCR isn't playing nicely with the combined class.

To clean things up:
LCR Menu > Organizations > Sunday School
Click on Gospel Doctrine in the blue box

If you want to see the message indicating that these classes have been combined, click on the org chart icon to the right of the class name. That will take you to the page that has the message about the combined classes.

From either page, click on the pencil icon and choose Uncombine at the bottom of the popup. It will take a little bit of time for the classes to be separated. Once the classes are separated, you may need to do some shuffling to get everyone in the right spots. In your case, it looks like the teachers will need to be moved.

If you don't have a Gospel Principles class, you can remove it by clicking on the pencil next to the class name and selecting "Remove Class."

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