LCR Attendance Rolls Question

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LCR Attendance Rolls Question

Postby dfullmer » Sat May 28, 2016 7:26 pm

In MLS, I was able to print attendance rolls beginning with any month. In LCR, I am only able to print by the quarter, starting with the first month of the quarter. So far as I know, we are no longer able to print attendance rolls from MLS.

This is a problem because I print attendance rolls at the beginning of the reporting month, not the beginning of the quarter. I do this because I want the ward organizations to have the most up-to-date rolls for the reporting month. If I print them at the beginning of the quarter, then the rolls are more than 2 months old when the reporting month arrives. As we all know, the ward roster changes a LOT over the course of 2 months.

LCR needs to be updated so that the attendance rolls can be printed starting with any month, not just the start of a quarter.

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Re: LCR Attendance Rolls Question

Postby sbradshaw » Sat May 28, 2016 7:28 pm

I think it'd be great if you could print five-week rolls (with two columns of names, to use the extra space). It's not only a matter of ward turnover, it's also the fact that the rolls tend to get crumpled and not very pretty if they're used for more than a couple of months.
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