Export Elder's Quorum Report in CSV or Text Format

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Export Elder's Quorum Report in CSV or Text Format

Postby wacosta » Wed Mar 30, 2016 12:07 pm


First time posting here. Hopefully this is the correct location.

I'm the secretary for our Elder's Quorum. I've been tasked with creating a report to keep track of the Quorum members completed PPIs. (a one time thing or once a while)

I know I can print to PDF. Being in IT I'm pretty creative (but not necessary an expert) on manipulating data. I know there is no report I can download that I can use for my need.

I figure that if I can print to CSV my problems would be solved. Since the only option is PDF, I used the option to save as another format and any format exports a list.

I there a way I can get the Home Teaching Companionship report in a table format?

I don't mind if I have to manipulate the data or use some other tool as long as the end result is a spreadsheet of only the home teachers.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Thank you

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