YSA Ward - Different Organization

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YSA Ward - Different Organization

Postby MikeLDalton » Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:57 pm

While I love how much better the LCR website is over MLS, as a YSA ward clerk there are a few problems with the way it's set up. YSA wards operate in slightly different ways. For example, our entire activities committee (which is a large committee in a YSA ward) is now under the "Activities and Sports" section of Young Women because apparently that's where MLS thought it should go. And honestly, there's not really a better place to put it right now. I also moved all of our fellowship committee (another big committee in a YSA ward) under Ward Missionaries because that kind of fits, but I don't know if that's ideal.

Is there any plan to make LCR a bit more YSA ward friendly down the line?

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Re: YSA Ward - Different Organization

Postby sbradshaw » Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:51 pm

My YSA ward doesn't have an activities committee or a fellowship committee, but we do have a service committee and a home evening leaders. We put them all under the "Other" section. I haven't heard of any plans, but what would be ideal is if they added the ability to create custom organizations. I'd suggest sending feedback through the Leader and Clerk Resources site (at the bottom right of the page).

I also wish we could completely hide organizations from the list of callings, like the high priest group leaders section or the young women leaders section.

I'm curious, what's the difference between a member of the Fellowship Committee and a Ward Missionary? And does your ward work with the ward council to plan activities if you have a separate Activities Committee? Really it's up to the bishop what callings and committees are in the ward, but it sounds like Handbook programs are being replaced with other programs in your ward, which can lead to a lot of problems down the road. Some of the wards in my stake have been tempted to do the same thing; sometimes we're so used to adapting and innovating that we don't even pay attention to the council in the Handbook, just assuming that this and that don't apply to us. As a clerk I don't have as much say in that as I wish I did.

There are a few things we adapt, but the majority of the Handbook does in fact apply to us.
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Re: YSA Ward - Different Organization

Postby kellymab » Sun Jun 28, 2015 6:32 pm

I was at BYU when the family wards discontinued activities committees. We were directed by those higher than our Stake President that YSA wards were still allowed to have Activities committees, partly so that everyone could have an actual calling. I remember a letter being read in sacrament regarding this subject. This was why Activities Chairman was not removed as a standard calling in MLS.

In my current ward, the ward council is very much apart of the activities committee. They actively give feed back on the 3rd Sunday when all activities (FHE, Activities, Ward Dinner) are discussed.

Fellowship and Ward Missionaries are very different. Fellowship/Friendship usually welcome all members into the ward. I've had them be in charge of impromptu game nights, hikes, movie nights, just smaller scale personal activities. They are also the ones who invite new members who have recently moved into the ward, explain how everything works and getting the new members up to speed on a ward's culture. Ward Missionaries focus on those who are coming back to the church, recent converts, investigators, etc.

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