Print Settings for VT reports

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Print Settings for VT reports

Postby JENNMEIER » Thu May 28, 2015 6:19 am

Is it possible to change the print settings for Visiting Teaching reports and assignments in LCR so that they look like the ones printed from MLS? The reports I print at home take up significantly more paper than the ones printed in the clerks' office.

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Re: Print Settings for blank VT reports

Postby ellenblodgett » Wed Jun 10, 2015 4:01 pm

Initially I think I looked in the wrong place and was very disappointed to find a report at least 3x the # of pages in MLS but includes much less information.

I think the answer you want is found within "ORGANIZATION (RS), Home & Visiting Teaching,
In the top left section of the screen you see the following tabs:
Overview, Households, and COMPANIONSHIPS. Click on "Companionship" button.
Then click on the BLUE "PRINT" button (in the general top right section of the screen).
This brings up several choices. Click on "District Reporting Form",
Choose the desired report version, and click "Print".
You will then see a report similar to the "Blank VT Report", which for me is slightly shorter than it was in MLS.
To actually print to paper, right click your mouse, scroll down and select "print", etc.

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