New & Returning Member Form- DASHBOARD REPORT?

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New & Returning Member Form- DASHBOARD REPORT?

Postby garrettlaw » Tue Feb 17, 2015 10:19 pm

The LCR has a web based New & Returning Member form. The data gets entered into the system & can be pulled out for review. This is extremely helpful for an auxiliary leader to discuss the needs of an individual. Is there a way to pull a dashboard view, perhaps by ward, so the bishopric & by extension ward counsel can view the membership & council on the needs of the New & Returning members?

This would help the Ward Mission Leaders, ward council, & bishop to recognize next goal point for each member in a more regular setting.

Does anyone know if such a report is being created by unit?

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Re: New & Returning Member Form- DASHBOARD REPORT?

Postby doncooley » Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:37 pm

On the new and returning member form I would like to be able to create one and then later call it up again to edit and/or add to it. I don't see a way to save this form and then turn around and re-edit it. All I see is a "save as" which saves it to the user's disk in HTML. It looks like every time I want to add to such a form I have to call it up from scratch and create a whole new form. I see some fillable .pdf forms on the web but it would be nice to do it all on I find it hard to believe that they would create a form than can't be save for later editing or additions. What am I missing?

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