Unit Statistics discrepancies

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Unit Statistics discrepancies

Postby williamjackson » Mon Feb 02, 2015 8:11 am

While perusing my Unit Statistics today I noticed some discrepancies between the counts on the summary page and the counts on some detail pages.

The source of the discrepancies appears to come from my having a record marked as "RESTORATION OF BLESSINGS REQUIRED". We'll call him Joe.

For example, it says 170 Endowed Adults on the summary, but lists 171 on the detail page. Joe is on the detail page of adults that are endowed, but he does not appear on either the Endowed with Recommend (113) or Endowed without Recommend (57) list. Those two numbers add up to 170, so the summary total appears to be correct, but the Endowed Adults detail list incorrectly includes Joe.

Also, on the summary page it says there are 123 Households without Melchizedek Priesthood Holder. But when I click the link to show the list of those households, there are only 122 in the list. Joe is not on the detail list, so I assume he is being counted correctly for the summary total but is excluded from the detail list incorrectly.

If someone else knows they have a record like this in their ward, perhaps they can take a look and see if they are experiencing the same problem with Unit Statistics that I am.

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