LCR Adaptive Design - confused user

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LCR Adaptive Design - confused user

Postby mevans » Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:58 pm

I don't know if it's new on this version of LCR or if it's been there a while, but the web site is set up with an adaptive design that makes the page work on a variety of devices. When the screen width gets small enough, the menu changes to a "hotdog" button. Here's a picture of the two different versions:

(185.67 KiB) Downloaded 480 times

I mention this because I wasn't aware of it and it caused one of my ward members several hours of grief. He was looking for the Help menu to take the tour and couldn't find it. It wasn't until he sent me a screen shot that I started to figure out what was going on.

Since the audience for this tool is expanded, I thought it would be good to point this out in case anyone else here runs into this problem--at least you'll know what to look for.

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Re: LCR Adaptive Design - confused user

Postby Biggles » Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:05 pm

You're quite right, it can cause confusion. I saw the 3 bar symbol first on my tablet device, but I'm sure I read somewhere (at the time) that this was a design feature to assist users with tablets etc..

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Re: LCR Adaptive Design - confused user

Postby lajackson » Thu Sep 04, 2014 8:51 am

There is nothing quite like speaking on the phone to help someone find something at a website and discover that you are looking at two different renderings of the same page.

Nevertheless, I didn't even know what the three bar icon was for until it was mentioned in this topic, so thanks. I have learned something new once again.

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