Action and Interview List: Suggested Date

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Action and Interview List: Suggested Date

Postby tleish » Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:47 pm


As an Executive Secretary, I'm using the Action and Interview List on a frequent basis. The majority of the interviews are scheduled the Sunday prior to their birthday. My workflow for planning ahead for interview deadlines goes as follows:

  1. Click on calendar input
  2. Click on click on the right arrow to go to the next month
  3. Look at the Members birthday
  4. Locate and select the Sunday prior to their birthday
I personally use this a list of "When to Schedule an Interview", not a historical record of when the "Actual Interview" took place.

Feature Suggestion

It might be helpful to add an additional column next to "Suggested Action" titled "Suggested Date" with the Sunday prior to their Birthday. This date acts as a good "deadline" by which the interview should be scheduled. A click on the prior Sunday date could copy the date to the Interview Date field.


For those familiar with Chrome Tampermonkey of Firefox Greasemonkey, I've written a user script that sets the default date for the popup calendar to the Sunday prior to their birthday. Works well for my purposes and thought I'd share.

Code: Select all

// ==UserScript==
// @name       Bishopric - Action Interview List
// @namespace
// @version    0.1
// @description  For the LDS Bishopric Action and Interview List this script sets the default date for the popup calendar to the Sunday prior to their birthday
// @include /^$/
// @require
// @copyright  2014+, tleish
// ==/UserScript==

var InterviewDate = (function() {
  var TODAY = new Date();
  var THIS_YEAR = TODAY.getFullYear();
  var NEXT_YEAR = THIS_YEAR + 1;
  var $input;

  var calc = function($ele){
    $input = $ele;
    return (parse_birthday()) ? calc_next_birthday() : TODAY;

  var parse_birthday = function(){
    var birth_str = $input.closest('tr').find('td:nth-child(4)').text();
    return Date.parseExact(birth_str, "yyyyMd");

  var calc_next_birthday = function(){
    var next_bday = parse_birthday();
    next_bday.set({ year: THIS_YEAR });
    if( TODAY.isAfter(next_bday) ){
      next_bday.set({ year: NEXT_YEAR });
    return next_bday;

  var calc_sunday_before_birthday = function(){
    var next_bday = calc_next_birthday();
    var sunday_before_birthday = next_bday.previous().sunday();
    return sunday_before_birthday.toString("dd MMM yyyy")

  return {
    calc: calc

$('.datepicker').datepicker('option', 'beforeShow', function(){
  var $this = $(this);
  var interview_date = InterviewDate.calc($this);
  $this.datepicker( 'option', 'defaultDate', interview_date );

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