Something like "Membership Record Update Report" online

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Something like "Membership Record Update Report" online

Postby williamjackson » Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:56 am

It would be nice to have online access to some sort of log of changes to membership records in the ward. I imagine something that takes the place of the Membership Record Update Report that MLS attempts to print when changes to membership records are made. If the long-term goal is to retire MLS completely and do everything online, a log such as this would be invaluable.

If a membership record gets pulled from my ward, the only chance I have to see where it went is if I happen to be the one that did a Send/Receive on MLS when the change came down and I look at the Update Report. This is just one example of where an online log would be nice.

It would also be great if such a log recorded who made changes to a membership record. Some more examples:

"John Smith individual phone number update by William Jackson (Ward Clerk)."

"John Smith updated his own household phone number."

"John Smith household records moved out to X Ward, Y Stake, by Bill Clerk (Assistant Clerk--Membership)."

"John Smith individual record moved out to X Ward, Y Stake, requested by remote ward."

I already submitted feedback on for this, but I wanted to mention it here to see if anyone else desires such a feature.

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Re: Something like "Membership Record Update Report" online

Postby sbradshaw » Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:20 pm

This would be great! Especially for coordinating work between a ward clerk, bishopric, and assistant clerks...

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