Clerk Resources - Updates for 18 OCT 2012

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Clerk Resources - Updates for 18 OCT 2012

Postby jkitterman » Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:29 pm

We released a new version of the [color="blue"]Clerk Resources[/color] application today. Here are the main release notes (more detail to be posted in the official "Release Notes"):

  • Provide access and support for members called as “Acting” unit leaders in stakes, districts, wards and branches. - NOTE: the "Tools" menu will show the link to Clerk Resources for these roles in the next couple of days (it takes some time to sync through).
  • Support users with multiple callings (e.g., a user who is a stake clerk and a ward clerk concurrently). Users who have multiple callings will see a drop down field which can be used to select the desired calling to use in Clerk Resources.
  • Allow stake and district leaders to fill out the Officers Sustained form for any ward or branch in the stake or district.
  • Bishopric Action and Interview List - new missionary eligibility age changes announced in General Conference in October 2012
  • Various Attendance Rolls updates - (Class member assignments for units using MLS 3.5 or newer, etc.)
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