Quarterly Report Editing Issue

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Quarterly Report Editing Issue

Postby raherrin » Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:10 am

This past week, we tried to edit Line 15 on our 2nd Quarterly Report using the new reporting functions on LDS.org. We were unable to complete the edit and received a message referring to an unspecified server error. We attempted the change multiple times without success. We were finally able to make the change on Sunday via MLS. Is this a bug? Was the server unavailable or under maintenance? Or is there some form of limitation that isn't being handled correctly?

Regarding Line 15 (Number of endowed members holding an active recommend): why isn't this count readily discernible by MLS and by the Quarterly Report function on LDS.org? We have to research manually, the same data the programs have available to them.:confused:

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