minor edits in MLS never make it to the lds.org directory

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minor edits in MLS never make it to the lds.org directory

Postby ssabine » Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:57 pm


I have requested some minor edits in to entries in MLS (such as Witford Dr was corrected to Whitford Dr). They show up as correct in MLS now, but they still show up as wrong on lds.org. It's been about a year since that correction was made, so I don't think I need to just wait longer... This also happens with minor, one digit, corrections to phone numbers, etc.


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Postby jdlessley » Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:22 pm

The data may have been changed and now displays in MLS correctly but may not have been received at CHQ. Has the clerk done a "Request Unit Data Refresh/Membership Records" in MLS? This procedure pulls data from the Church administration office and refreshes the database in MLS from which corrections can be made. Before doing this, however, the clerk should be aware of all the changes that occur by reading the wiki article Unit data refresh.

Members can change phone numbers from the on-line directory. Have you made phone number changes this way? Those changes update Church administration office records and then are sent to MLS to update the database there.
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Have you tried finding your answer on the LDS.org Help Center page or the LDSTech wiki?

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