Household e-mail not populated from head of household

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Household e-mail not populated from head of household

Postby davidmmulder » Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:38 pm

I'm a ward web admin. Our ward clerk noticed that for some households the head of households e-mail address isn't automatically made to be the 'Household' e-mail. We need it to be the household e-mail so that it is printed out on the ward list.
So, we tried manually adding the e-mail address, but it wont allow it. It will allow any address other than the head of households e-mail, but it wont allow them to be duplicated. This is only for about 20 families in the ward. For the rest of the ward, the duplicate e-mail is allowed and was added as the household e-mail automatically.
I can't test this and see if there is an error because of another problem. For some reason I can administer photos, but I can't modify household information. Does anyone know if that is intentional? Maybe only ward clerks can modify household data?

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