Household Visibility Limit:

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Household Visibility Limit:

Postby bretpetersen1 » Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:29 pm

The description and operation of the Household visibility limit is not consistent. The help states:

"The Household Visibility Limit sets the maximum visibility for any part of your household information.

For example, suppose your household phone is set to Stake, but the Household Visibility Limit is set to Ward. If you click to edit your household phone, you will still see the setting on Stake, but it will be grayed out. You can change the setting to Ward or Private - Leadership Only, but even if you leave it on Stake, it will still be displayed as if it were set to Ward, because the Household Visibility Limit takes precedence. "

The above makes it appear that the household limit just sets the visibility of each of the other settings. However, in practice, the household limit set to "Private" or "ward" has another completely unexplained result - it makes that household completely unlisted. We have an Elder Quorum president in our stake that set the household privacy limit to "Ward". He is now not visible to the rest of the stake. Other members of the stake in LDS tools look and see that his ward apparently does not have an EQ president. I don't think this is what was intended. Or if it was intended, it is not explained in the "Learn more" tab. I think this needs to be changed or at least explained so less people, especially leaders would not choose this option.

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Re: Household Visibility Limit:

Postby eblood66 » Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:15 pm

I'm sure this behavior is intentional and is needed to comply with privacy laws, especially in the EU. And although I'm not sure the wording in the help is incorrect (it does say it affects any part of your household information) I can see how this might not be obvious.

But the forums are only user-to-user help and no one here can get any change made. You'll need to leave Feedback using the link at the bottom of the home page or bottom of the Directory page to get your suggestion to the correct people.

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