Send Email to List - Not visible for all leaders

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Send Email to List - Not visible for all leaders

Postby bhatch4 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:55 pm

I am the membership clerk in our ward. With summer ending we have been getting requests to get member lists for various auxiliaries. One of the problems that has come up with this is access levels.
When I log into the mobile app and go to to Organizations, I have the ability to see all members of that organization, along with being able to send an email or text message to everyone in that organization. The primary president can also. However some of the leaders below them cannot. For example the Cub master cannot see or email cub scouts. The Activity Days president cannot see or email all children in activity days. They don't need or want access to every auxiliary, but they need to know about the specific organization they are managing.
The current solution is for them to create custom email groups in their personal email account. Then every couple of months they need to come to the primary president or me to see if anyone has moved in or out of the ward and update their list. It would be much better if everything was much more dynamic.

Has anyone come up with a better solution?

Also is anyone else annoyed that in some respects the mobile app has more functionality than the full website? For example, in the mobile app I can narrow down and email all of the parents of CTR7. But the "Send a Message" function in the website only allows you to narrow down to the entire primary. Then you have to manually select the children that you want. It also only shows the parents, not the children in that view which further complicates things.

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Re: Send Email to List - Not visible for all leaders

Postby mevans » Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:55 pm

There are different teams working on the mobile apps vs. the web apps. Unfortunately, aside from some photo changes, the web directory hasn't been touched very much in a long long time. I spend much more of my time on a computer with a web browser than I do on a mobile device, so yes, I feel your pain. You can submit Feedback (see link at bottom of the page) and point out the missing items. It does get read. Maybe some day they'll get back making improvements. I hope they do.

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Re: Send Email to List - Not visible for all leaders

Postby DMHall2016 » Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:02 pm

Our ward was just created and Priesthood and Auxiliary leaders are creating email addresses of varying types to begin the ward business, has there been any improvement to the methods or practices?

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