LDS Tools=Perfect image quality VS. quality??

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LDS Tools=Perfect image quality VS. quality??

Postby pdpete » Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:18 pm

As our Web Administrator I have been asked to upload photos of sister's in our ward's Relief Society (who gave written consent) for a RS directory. Why is that when I upload my own photo in LDS tools on my iphone the image is crystal clear yet when I upload the exact same image on my computer in the directory it is very pixilated. I tried this with several individuals in our family and the same thing occurred- clear on iphone in LDS tools but pixilated in's directory. The same has occurred for sisters who have uploaded photos themselves for our RS directory. Perfect photos in LDS tools via iphones but pixilated via's directory. This is an issue because as the Web administrator I can only upload photos for myself in LDS Tools so I am stuck using's directory for the sisters in our ward. This seems to mean I can only get poor quality photos for our RS's directory. We intend to print off the directory for many of our older sister who do not access the online directory and who need a good quality photo so they can see the individuals without trouble. Is there another way I can get photos without poor pixilation?

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Re: LDS Tools=Perfect image quality VS. quality

Postby mevans » Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:22 am

Some others have reported problems with pixelated photos. This is not a problem I have experienced, and I've been uploading a lot of photos.

I'm wondering: are you uploading all the photos from LDS Tools, or are you uploading them from If you're uploading from LDS Tools, can you try an upload from the web site instead to see if it works better? Maybe the problem is in LDS Tools?

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