Photo appears without approval

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Photo appears without approval

Postby mevans » Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:18 am

When logged in as one of my children (who has no calling), or my wife, I click on "Ward Organizations / High Priests" and see the non-approved picture of a ward member appear next to his name.

When I look at his family under Households, I do not see the non-approved picture; I only see his non-approved picture when I view him under his organization.

When I log in as me (with an Assistant Clerk calling), I see that the member has a household and an individual photo waiting for approval.

So...something's wrong here because ward members are able to see non-approved pictures. This might be related to the problem willisa reported in DIRECTORY PHOTO UPDATES NOT SHOWING (see post #10) where she said that individual non-approved pictures were available on her phone.

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