"Display on Ward Map" link doesn't work properly

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"Display on Ward Map" link doesn't work properly

Postby aebrown » Fri May 25, 2012 11:11 am

In the household profile, there is usually a link titled "Show on Map" (it might not always appear depending on your calling and settings, but that's irrelevant to this issue).

When you click on the "Show on Map" link, you'll see a popup that contains a link titled "Display on Ward Map". That link takes you to the Maps application. It should show the map for the ward that member actually belongs to; it should even create a popup on the map pointing to that household. That's how it used to work with the old Maps application.

But since the switch to the new Maps application, it always goes to your home ward, and it never shows the household popup with the pointer, even if the household you are working with happens to be in your ward.

The link for "Display on Ward Map" looks like this: https://www.lds.org/rcmaps/#x=ward&ward={unit:wwwwwww,mid:mmmmmmm} (where wwwwwww represents the unit number and mmmmmmm is the household's map id). If you change the "rcmaps" to "maps" then you will point to the old maps application -- and the link will work perfectly (at least this works right now, but I know it won't work for long, since the "maps" URL will soon be pointing to the new maps application).

If you change the URL to be https://www.lds.org/rcmaps/#x=ward&ward=wwwwwww&id=household:mmmmmmm it will display the new maps application with the correct popup pointing to the household. So it appears that the information for the link is all there, but it needs to be reorganized a bit to work properly with the new maps application.
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Postby veehb » Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:47 am

Yes, this doesn't work. I'm taken to my ward and not the ward of the person or family being searched for. I've generated another thread suggesting that the ward name be listed with the family listing. When searching for a family in "Stake Information" in the directory it doesn't tell you which ward they reside in.

Maybe these will be fixed or added in the next release of the directory?

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