Directory version 2.0.3 scrolling bug

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Directory version 2.0.3 scrolling bug

Postby jdlessley » Sat May 19, 2012 7:27 pm

In Directory v 2.0.3 there is a household quick scroll bug.

For me, an administrator, this bug presents itself after selecting any photo related item and then selecting Households. Once back in the Households list when a quick scroll letter is clicked the list of households does not scroll properly to the alphabetical household list selected. For example when a letter such as "L" is clicked when viewing the households list from the beginning at "A" the list only scrolls, for my ward listing, to the "H" households. From that point on the quick scrolling is off in both scrolling directions.

When quick scrolling down the alphabet the selected letter is never reached - about 35 to 45 households short. When quick scrolling up, or back toward the beginning of the alphabet, the selected letter is overrun 35 to 45 households. Interestingly if the household list is moved to the end of the household list and a quick scroll letter such as "W" is selected (the "W" households are already in view) the household list scrolls back down the alphabet to the middle of the "R" households.

To get the quick scroll back to normal operations I must select one of the directory lists not related to photos such as Ward Leaders or Ward Organizations and then go back to Households. When any photos related item (Photos, Upload Photos, New Photos (x), or Manage Photos) is selected and then Households is selected the abnormal behavior occurs.

I checked the quick scroll behavior for a member without administrator rights using my wife's account and there is no problem. Of course the only photo related list is "Photos".
JD Lessley
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