Mission Boundary Issues

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Mission Boundary Issues

Postby jdlessley » Thu May 10, 2012 10:23 pm

System - Windows Xp; Browser - FireFox 12

There seems to be a problem with the map that displays in the Local Unit Directory for both "Assigned Missionaries" and "Serving Missionaries".

When I first went to view missionaries serving in our unit (Assigned Missionaries) I clicked a missionary's name. I noticed that the Mission Boundary map was displaying the tightest close-in of either an apartment complex, an office building, or even the mission office. I can't tell because I have never been to the mission office. Of course there was no boundary displayed for this close-in display. I waited a few minutes to see if the map would change. It did not.

I then clicked the second assigned missionary's name and got the same results. I then clicked the name of a missionary serving from our ward (Serving Missionaries). I got the exact same close-in display of the exact same building for the assigned missionaries in the "Mission Boundary" map.

I then decided to see what was displayed on the LDS Maps so I clicked the "View In LDS Maps" link. LDS Maps correctly displayed the entire mission area for the missionary serving from our ward.

I then returned to the browser tab with the Local Unit Directory and selected an assigned missionary. The map displayed for the "Mission Boundary" was for the area of the missionary serving from our ward. It was a closer-in view and the mission boundary was not displayed.

It appears that when first selecting the Local Unit Directory and Missionary in the left column pane and then selecting an assigned missionary the "Mission Boundary" map displays the closest-in view of the mission office. (I am guessing that is what was displayed since there is no capability to zoom out or in for the Local Unit Directory "Mission Boundary" map to verify the location). This close-in view is what is displayed for both the "Assigned Missionaries" "Mission Boundary" map as well as for the "Serving Missionaries" "Mission Boundary" map. Then once the "View in LDS Maps" link is clicked the LDS Maps view is correct for the missionary selected in the Local Unit Directory. Now, however, the Mission Boundary" map in the Local Unit Directory displays a closer-n view (does not display entire mission area) of the mission boundary of the latest mission selected in LDS Maps. The map displayed in the Mission Boundary map is the same for all serving missionaries and assigned missionaries.
JD Lessley
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