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Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:15 pm
by nolakay
I missed the webnar on thursday Nov 10, but saw the one Nov 17. I have tried to bring up the recorded webnar. I got the slide portion but cannot get into the other one. It said I needed MP4, I downloaded that. Which lead to Final Media player. The video screen comes up, but I can't turn it on or start it. Help

Nola Wagstaff

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2011 10:48 am
by kyleq
mp4 files will play in Quicktime if you download the file. You can also search for "mp4 player" and try any of the options provided.

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:03 pm
by Mikerowaved
Nola, reading through your post, I can see you are probably running Windows XP or Windows Vista. They can't play MP4 files directly. If you try to play an MP4 file, Windows pops up and tells you it can't open the file and invites you to "Use the Web service to find the correct program". Of course, when you do that, it takes you to a webpage where you only have a couple of choices. The default choice is to download and install the "Final Media Player". (I'd never heard of that program before I read about it in your post.) I followed your footsteps and installed that player. Wow. If you can survive the installer, the program itself might not be half bad, but when you have to go through screen after screen of turning down offers to install this extra toolbar and that extra game tool, I immediately get suspicious of the merits of player itself. Then after declining every offer, I STILL somehow ended up with the Yahoo Toolbar installed. Grrrr. (By the way, the other choice Microsoft offers of Real Player is not much better, in my personal opinion.)

What Microsoft DOESN'T tell you is there are MANY options available to play an MP4 file (as Kyle pointed out above). HERE's a rather technical breakdown of the available players and their capabilities. A few of the free ones I've used and liked are, Apple Quicktime, GOM Player, and VLC. Any of these should be able to play the Calendar Webinar MP4 file without difficulty.