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Feedback / Issues for v. 2.0

Postby RussBarth » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:01 am

First off, to not be all negative. Thanks for all the hard work it’s obvious great strides have been made. Thanks for getting google working again. I’m the Asst Stake Exec Secretary in my Stake. And have been using the new calendar a lot lately to get ready for the printing of our Stake’s 2012 calendar.

Feature Request / Feedback
1) You can only print 12 months. What if we want to print Dec 2011 or Jan 2013 with our 2012 Stake Calendar? Please let us print more than 12 months.

2) Hole punch printing margins should alternate right hand side and left hand side so we can print double sided to save trees.

3) Can we get an option to show the end time of an event on the calendar?

4) Can we get an option to show the end time of an event when we print?

5) Can we get an option to only print stake or ward calendars? I have to remember to unclick my Ward’s calendars before printing my Stake’s calendar.

6) Since the viewing of calendars can be turned off easily. I recommend you do away with the need to subscribe to a calendar. I tried getting fancy and created a calendar just for my Stake PEC/Council. The problem was no one realized it was there and there was much confusion as to what when PEC was etc. My Stake President even thought we hadn’t gotten PEC/Council in for 2012 yet.
a. I know you can specify that you want to be automatically subscribed to a new calendar but this is not the default and so no one who isn’t up to speed with what is going on, doesn’t realize there is a new calendar.

Issues with Calendar – I was using IE 8.

1) None of my changes would save from Chrome – so I switched it IE. 1.0 of the calendar seemed to work fine with Chrome. I didn’t debug the javascript or anything to see what might be happening, so this is just an observation and I recommend more testing on different browsers.

2) Intermittently when I create an event and click on “Add event details & Location” the start and end date/times would not be filled in
a. A couple times I also lost the description of the event instead.
b. Sometimes, it was just the date that was missing, the time would be there.

3) When choosing “Yearly by a specific date” for a repeating event, it defaults to the day after the event’s date. For example, if you’re putting in New Years Day and put the date as Jan 1, 2012, the “Occurs Every” date shows Jan 2.

4) If you’re on a future month and refresh your browser, it brings you back to the current month.

5) The Mini-Calendar on the left hand side that you can use for navigating does not stay in sync with the main calendar. It will keep reverting back to the current month.
a. One way to reproduce this is to add an event and click on “Add event details & Location” When you come back, the mini-calendar has reverted to the current month.
b. If I navigate to another month using the left and right buttons, the mini-calendar doesn’t change, this might be on purpose, but this and reverting back of the mini calendar makes navigating quickly to another month not very intuitive or fast.

6) We (West Jordan Utah Westland Stake) loss all of our “exceptions” to recurring events with the release of 2.0. For example, we put in Fast Sunday as the first Sunday of the month. For situations like General Conference we had to delete the Fast Sunday instance and put it on the correct date. When you rolled out 2.0, the deleted instances returned.

7) We (West Jordan Utah Westland Stake) loss a ton of holidays we had put in with the release of 2.0.

8) On a recurring event, you can only go 2 years in the future, whether it’s the number of occurrences or by date. I read this was for the database to not get too large. Which makes sense for daily or even monthly. But when you’re dealing with a yearly event, that limitation makes no sense. Rather than base it on the number years, base it on the number of occurrences. You could even make individual limits based on the type of occurrence. IE 50 occurrences for daily, 24 for monthly, and maybe 10 for yearly.
a. You need better user messages for the feedback on this. Because it appears to be a bug. When I tried to put in 10 occurrences for a yearly event, it simply told me to enter the correct information in that field. It didn’t tell me why it didn’t like my input. The only reason I knew what was going on is I’d been to this forum and had read a thread about this issue.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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Postby jdlessley » Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:51 am

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