Feedback on deletion of repeating events is slow

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Feedback on deletion of repeating events is slow

Postby aebrown » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:53 am

If I create a repeating event, I have two options for deleting the entire series:

  1. I can click on any instance of the event, and choose "Delete Event."
  2. I can click on any instance of the event, click "Edit Event Details & Location" and then from the Event Details page, click "Delete Event."
In either case, I am presented with the familiar popup with options to delete "Only This Event," "Entire Series," "All Following Events," or "Cancel Changes." I choose "Entire Series."

At this point, in case 1 it looks like nothing happened. There is no spinner or any other feedback that a deletion is in progress. If I am patient (with my extremely small test this took 15 seconds), I will eventually be rewarded with a temporary popup that is displayed for 10 seconds and then disappears. But if I've moved on to something else (e.g., going to Settings, or editing another event) I'll never see the confirmation, and I may not notice that the event is actually gone.

In case 2, it's different but also disconcerting. The entire page is shaded somewhat blue as if it were the background to a modal popup. But there is no popup and no spinner. Again, if I wait 15 seconds or so, I'll get the temporary popup confirming the deletion. But for those 15 seconds, I'm quite disoriented.

And all this is happening with a small event with only 3 repeats, at a time with no server load to speak of.
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