Building Scheduler cannot modify locations

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Building Scheduler cannot modify locations

Postby aebrown » Wed Oct 26, 2011 6:08 pm

With v1, the building scheduler had some ability to modify locations. In particular, a scheduler could add or change the resources associated with a location.

But in v2, a building scheduler has no ability to modify locations at all. They can create reservations, but the Locations & Rooms option doesn't appear under Settings for them at all.

I'm not sure whether or not this limitation is intentional.

  • It's not mentioned in the Release Notes, but it seems like removing this capability would have been worthy of mention if it is intentional.
  • The Building Schedulers Guide says "Stake administrators must add this equipment manually for it to be available," which implies that the limitation was intentional.
  • Yet the Managing Locations video says (at the 1:03 mark) that "Building schedulers can then add or edit the rooms and equipment for their location," which certainly implies that the limitation was not intentional.
My bottom line is that I would vote for restoring that capability to building schedulers. It seems like a useful and reasonable capability to delegate to a scheduler. But whatever is decided, the documentation should be fixed to be correct and consistent.
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