Require location and/or resource for calendar events

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Require location and/or resource for calendar events

Postby rgme » Mon Aug 29, 2011 4:27 pm

A fundamental part of using the new calendar system is properly scheduling locations and resources. The whole idea of conflicts seems to rely on location and resource allocation. In my stake, we anticipate a large share of the confusion over using the new calendar to be from improperly reserving locations or resources. We are trying to let people know that they _must_ specify a location or resource.

Has anyone considered making the location/resource choice a requirement for creating an event? I think this is a plausible idea, since they could use "no location" or "other location" as needed. But if it defaults to "no location," I'm afraid members would overlook that part and schedule away. I prefer that they consciously make a decision to say, for example, "There is no location for this event. I'm aware if I really wanted to use the kitchen but I'm not reserving it, then it's free for someone else to use." I don't know the technical aspects of implementing such a change, but it would sure go a long way to make sure events are properly scheduled!

I was looking forward to this feature in the new calendar beta, but I don't see it in there. It's very easy to click and create an event...but it's also that much easier to create an event without a proper reservation.

PS - I searched for this topic in the forum, but didn't find it. If it is somewhere, please point this discussion in that direction!

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