Building Re-Alignment

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Building Re-Alignment

Postby Hagothsen » Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:17 am

It's been nearly a month since our stake was split, renamed and re-aligned. In the process, we "annexed" another building. This building resides within our new stake boundaries. The three wards that meet there, are all in our stake. However, the building is still shown as "owned" by the former stake. In the "Locations & Rooms page, the building appears in the "Available locations not owned by your stake" list. Because of this, we cannot add wards to the calendar, and other administrative tasks. I've tried to get this fixed, but to no avail. I thought that perhaps I should just create another location for our stake's iteration of the building, but worried it may create confusion. To combat the confusion I thought about putting in a year-long restriction, but it didn't take. Then I tried creating weekly repeating all-day events but discovered that 1) it doesn't work if assigned to a Stake Calendar 2) if I assign it to the building calendar, it appears on our other building's calendar. Other more formal attempts include:

- asking our stake PFR to petition the proper people to help. He forwarded my email to our local FM Group.
- asking our FM Group directly, for assistance. They told me to send an email to for assistance. (email obscured intentionally)
- sending an email to that address, asking for assistance. I have yet to get an answer, resolution, or even a reply. (it's been three days)

I'm only an assistant stake clerk. Should I get the Stake Clerk or even a member of the Stake Presidency to try and resolve this? In truth, the missing ward has yet to ask me about their inability to see or schedule their own building. I'd like to get this resolved before they do.

Who should I contact? Or, to whom should I direct my Stake President?

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Re: Building Re-Alignment

Postby russellhltn » Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:49 am

There may be a time-lag on the update, but it's my understanding that FM has to update their database to reflect the agent stake.
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