Add Comments to Calendar Entries

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Add Comments to Calendar Entries

Postby ErickF » Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:11 pm

It would facilitate member coordination if for each calendar entry there could be comments where anyone could add a comment. An example of how it might work would be if an entry is made for a welfare assignment individuals could add comments about them fulfilling the assigned commitment. The assignments usually have a minimum of people asked for. That way priesthood or auxiliary leadership could see if enough people have volunteered to fulfill the request for welfare work, and members could also see if it has been filled.
A comment section could be flexible to where priesthood or auxiliary could post warnings or other information like what the work might entail, weather conditions to look out for, or even post if they already have the needed number committed to the request.
A comment section could contribute to other entries as well, and make the calendar more flexible.

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