Delete room from building calendar

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Delete room from building calendar

Postby keithrdavis » Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:44 am

Currently our cultural hall is a single resource that can be scheduled on the calendar. We need to split it so that either half of the cultural hall can be scheduled (e.g. Cultural hall - chapel side & Cultural hall - state side). We can add the new "rooms" to the calendar to be scheduled but we can't figure out how to delete the old room "cultural hall". Can anyone point to instructions about how to delete a room from our building calendar?


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Re: Delete room from building calendar

Postby russellhltn » Fri Apr 01, 2016 11:32 am

If you can add the rooms, then you should have the rights needed and it's in the same place. But "Cultural hall" is probably just a check mark in the upper part of the room assignment - not in the lower section with custom room names. (But someone could have created it as a custom name.)

Just make sure to move all your events first.
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