Glitches in Calendar tool

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Glitches in Calendar tool

Postby Balabanov.Nicholas » Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:42 pm

The is a lot of problems with Calendar tool.
This tool is useless and it didn't provide necessary help to local unit leaders.
For example,
It has very difficult menu to assign permission, Why can't make it simplier, give an administrators to gather Bishop and his counsellors to a Bishopric and the same thing with other parts. On Russian language it make more difficult to work, when menu buttons and fields are slide down or aside.
When you creating an Calendar it shows in label First Name Middle Name and Last Name for Calendar, I didn't know that Calendar has that kind of calling.
Time assignment for events works really weird. When you make time 9:45 - 10:30 am in local time, its shift it to 7 or 8 and has a very high problem with that.

I understand that there are many projects that need more resources of development, but this tools is in alpha test I would say that. It's not even useful. It's requires a lot of work that it can be more user-friendly and local units users can work properly with it with out any other problems.

For detailed information I can make an QA report of the problems with screenshots and even video records that can display the actual problem.

Best wishes,
Nicholas J, Balabanov

Church Local Unit clerk

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