calendar sending notifications to non-stake member

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Postby shillis » Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:22 pm

Hello, I've searched and haven't found this issue reported anywhere. I have a sister who is not in my stake, yet is receiving notifications of events that I put on the calendar.

1. She used to be in our stake but moved away at least a couple of months ago
2. A search of my stake directory for her name or her email address returned no results
3. Her calendar lists the correct stake for her
4. I verified that she's not listed as a calendar admin or a location building scheduler

Any other ideas? FWIW, I send feedback on this issue via the Calendar page.

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Re: calendar sending notifications to non-stake memb

Postby russellhltn » Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:08 pm

It may be fixed already, but ask her to visit her subscriptions page. That's the point where the system would have to acknowledge that she's now in a new ward.
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