Odd bug...conflicting event creation for different locations

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Odd bug...conflicting event creation for different locations

Postby dshep2020 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:35 pm

Odd conflict that I haven't experienced before.

I am the Stake Building Coordinator (aka Building Scheduler). I have building scheduler permissions for all three building locations in my stake, administrative/editor permissions on all of our stake calendars I also have administrative/editor permissions on my home ward calendars.

I added a Cub Scout Pack meeting on the ward calendar a few weeks ago for building "A". For building "A" I included the cultural hall and serving area for 4p - 8p in February.

Today, a few weeks later, a ward exec sec in building "B" reported that they could not schedule the cultural hall in building "B" for an activity. The conflict message stated that the cub activity that I created in a different building (building "A") was conflicting. When he looked at the calendar with only that location filter turned on, sure enough, no events for Building "B" were scheduled for that day.

I tried to create the event for them on a stake calendar we use for receptions and family activities. Sure enough I received the same conflict message.

What was really odd was I right clicked, copied the original pack meeting event (verified it was in building "A") and pasted it on the next day. When it pasted, it showed building location as building "B" ! So something was really messed up with that original event. It showed building "A" but was somehow tied to building "B".

I deleted the test copy for the following day. The original pack meeting event was still in place. I then create a new event using the same resources as the pack meeting in Building "A". I was able to complete this with no reservation conflict. Very odd (and confusing and somewhat concerning).

Ultimately, I had to delete the original cub reservation and recreate it in building "A". Once I did that, I was able to have the other ward schedule the event in building "B" with no issue.

I ultimately got this resolved...but it did cause me some concern and thought I would post it here for comment.
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