We need a Stake Technology designation on MLS

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We need a Stake Technology designation on MLS

Postby nancypalemany » Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:47 am

It is time for the powers that be to add "Stake Technology Committee" as a REAL calling in the MLS. We are fairly advanced technologically in my stake but currently because "Stake Technology" is only a sub-listing in MLS under Stake Clerk, we have a whole group of "Assistant Stake Clerks", who are sub-listed as "Stake Technology Committee".

I have been called to the Stake Technology committe for Calendaring and Scheduling but cannot be listed as a member of the committee because they are all listed under the designation of Assistant Stake Clerk. Currently, problems are boomer-ranged to me by members of the committee or the Stake Executive secretary.

I would like my stake to know how to contact me directly when they have problems instead of having to make numberous calls or emails. Can you pass this up the line please and let them know that there are now women who have active rolls on their Stake Technology Committees but cannot be listed as such because of how things are currently listed on the MLS. I appreciate your help with this. Thanks! :o
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Re: We need a Stake Technology designation on MLS

Postby russellhltn » Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:54 am

The callings in MLS reflects the handbook. I don't remember a "Stake Technology Committee" being listed. That sounds like a calling of local creation. (Not that it's wrong, just not standard and therefore not supported.)

nancypalemany wrote:I have been called to the Stake Technology Committee for Calendaring and Scheduling. All issues concerning set-up, training, problems, challenges with the e-calendar.

The standard calling of Stake Website Administrator would give you the rights needed to carry out that calling.
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