Cannot add event editors - how do we fix this?

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Cannot add event editors - how do we fix this?

Postby klhansen » Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:01 pm

None of the calendar administrators in our ward are able to add users as event creators. This includes members of the Bishopric and the the Ward Clerk (me). With every administrator's login, selecting the "gear" dropdown to get to the options to edit the calendars and add editors only produces blank web pages. The web pages do not freeze, the browser does not crash, the menu bar stays functional, there is simply no content on the main page when selecting things like "Calendar", "Options", "Synch"... under the "gear". However, the "Administrator" selection does populate and we all can add additional Administrators on the administrator selection. We have tried this under Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome - no change in results. Please help resolve.

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