Calendar 2.0 not ready for some YSA stakes & wards

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Calendar 2.0 not ready for some YSA stakes & wards

Postby johnsutherland » Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:32 pm

I've been meaning to post this for a while. After spending hours looking at calendar 2.0 and interacting on this forum, I've come to the conclusion that calendar 2.0 is not ready for use in my YSA stake. There are several reasons:

1. For some reason that no one has been able to track down, my home stake is asked to approve new calendars for my YSA stake. This is annoying to several folks who get copied on these messages.

2. Some of the underlying web services calls don't function correctly for me as a YSA clerk. I'm sure they work fine for everyone in a home stake and probably for everyone in the Church except for me.

3. Some who need access to the calendar serve from outside the YSA stake and don't have "standard" callings. This means jury-rigging callings for many of the 80 people who serve in our stake from through out Utah Valley in order to give them access to the calendar.

4. The user interface is more difficult to use than many of the 50-something or 60-something crowd of adult leaders in my stake want to use.

5. There are many features of Calendar 2.0 that go well beyond what is needed for my YSA stake and therefore just serve to confuse people.

6. Syncing from a Google calendar to a plethora of different devices and calendars is just easier than from Calendar 2.0. I'm talking here about true sync'ing - not just a one time download of the calendar events.

7. My stake members are mainly new freshmen. They generally don't have LDS Accounts. Getting them properly set up to use Calendar 2.0 is more difficult and time consuming than using Google Calendars where all I have to provide is the URL to the calendar.

Don't get me wrong - the Church is making great progress. Calendar 2.0 has some wonderful capabilities and features. It's just that this product doesn't fit the needs of our stake.


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