Sharing the Book of Mormon App

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Sharing the Book of Mormon App

Postby spataro8 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:23 am

I was recently called as a ward mission leader and while meeting with the missionaries learned that while the members were willing to go out with the missionaries they didn't give any referrals. After walking into priesthood and seeing everyone on their phones I had an idea:

1. The contacts on people's phones is a built in list of individuals they deal with and is a place ward and full time missionaries can send members when talking about missionary work. Members can easily grab their phone, view their contacts and pray about who is ready.
2. Create an app that allows the members to pass their testimony, selected scriptures, and the entire Book of Mormon to their selected contact. With the ability to share new scriptures.
3. Allow questions to be asked and answered (messenger).
4. Notify missionaries through text when someone from the ward shares the Book of Mormon and the person accepts. This allows the missionaries to follow up with them and help them share the gospel before they become involved with the individual.

The only problem is I am not a developer. I thought I would reach out to the group to see if anyone in the group would be willing to donate their time to build it or knows someone who might. I have the idea and a basic design just looking for someone to do the heavy lifting.

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