LDS Music for Android

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LDS Music for Android

Postby rharrison1979 » Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:08 pm

When will we have an update on the status of the LDS Music for Android project? has the most recent build, but it is still far from functional. It has been a couple years since iOS got their version, and with as many Android users as we are now at church fighting with LDS Hymns with Notes, you would think there would be some pressure to get something nice out for us. CHQ and LDSTech, please give us an update. I have an iPhone and an Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. How do I use my LDS Music for iOS that I would rather do on the tablet?
For meetings I plug my phone in to some speakers and play the accompaniment when we have no pianist/piano present. And that is really the norm (no piano present).
I really wonder what is driving better app development for iOS when there are so many more Android users in the world. There are two things missing on my LDS app lineup: LDS Music and Visiting teacher/Home teacher data/reports on my LDS Tools. That and the amazing things that in years to come I never knew I needed, but will surely enjoy when they come to exist.
Robert Harrison

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Re: LDS Music for Android

Postby davesudweeks » Sun Jan 05, 2014 6:08 pm

Brother Harrison,

Most of us on the LDSTech forums are other users, like yourself. There are some church employees who watch the message boards, but the development community is mostly volunteer and their priority is set by the Brethren. They typically do not discuss status or future projects in any great detail. I would not hold my breath for much information on status until they are ready to roll out a Beta test.

I recently joined the ranks of tablet users (Android) but understand that not only is the iOS development a couple of years ahead of Android (due to the maturity of the OS), but there are program differences with them that make some features more difficult in one than the other (this goes both ways).

Dave Sudweeks

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