LDS Music 1.5 for iOS released!

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LDS Music 1.5 for iOS released!

Postby sbradshaw » Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:43 pm

LDS Music 1.5 for iOS has just been released to the App Store. Here are the changes:

User interfaces changes
• Updated app icon for iOS 7
• User interface and button icons updated for iOS 7
• Moved "Add to Playlist" option to the sharing/action - menu
• Moved "Content Options" button from the titlebar to the toolbar
• Updated artwork for collections

Advanced playback controls
• Now Playing page with album art, advanced audio controls, and song information
• Indicator in the list of hymns that shows which song is currently playing
• Background audio is now fully functional and better integrated with iOS
• Music will automatically pause when an external speaker is unplugged
• AirPlay option to play music using Apple TV

Miscellaneous changes
• Share any song by tapping and holding it in the list
• Add a song to a playlist by tapping and holding it in the list
• Ability to open a PDF or MP3 of the song in another app
• Ability to share songs with nearby individuals using AirDrop
• Seamless automatic switch to words-only view when sheet music is not available
• Upside-down portrait mode allowed on iPads
• Users can triple-tap the screen throughout the app to send feedback
• Miscellaneous improvements to responsiveness of the app

New content
• Additional Children’s Songs (English)

If you would like to contribute to the app, you can join the project here: ... ojectid=91

For more information about LDS Music for iOS, see the wiki page:

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