Ensign "App" (Newsstand) iOS

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Ensign "App" (Newsstand) iOS

Postby rickferguson » Thu Jun 13, 2013 1:22 pm

The Ensign app was released for iOS a few years ago, and later moved to the Newsstand. I have "subscribed" to this in the Newsstand, but I've only ever seen three issues: Oct 2011, Nov 2011, and May 2012. I have tried resubscribing and restoring purchases, but I only ever see these three issues. This leads me to two simple ( :) ) questions:

1) Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong that I don't see new issues for the Ensign Newsstand app for iOS?

and if the answer is that these are the only issues available after all this time then my second question is:

2) Is there an estimate on when this app will begin providing new issues, or has this project been abandoned? (Yes, I know I sort of threw two questions in there... :D )

Thank you!

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