Feature Request: Tabbed Navigation (Windows 8)

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Feature Request: Tabbed Navigation (Windows 8)

Postby ToManyLetters » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:06 pm

Tabbed navigation was always something I really loved back when I used the LDS Gospel Library app on my Motorola Xoom. It was a nice way to be able to have multiple items open at once without having to jump through the frankly atrocious-to-navigate menu system in the Android app.

A comparable feature for the Windows 8 version of the LDS Gospel Library would borrow heavily from both the current (Windows 8) and new (Windows 8.1) implementations of tabbed browsing for Internet Explorer MX versions 10 and 11. As you can see from my quick mock-up below, tabs for the Gospel Library for Windows 8 app would show up on the swipe up/down menus and would appear at the top. Pressing and holding (or right-clicking) one of the tabs would give the options to the tab in a new window (a feature of IE11 in Windows 8.1 that automatically opens a second window of the app snapped 50/50 beside the current window of the app), close all other tabs, or to duplicate the tab (to compare separate parts of the chapter for chiasmus, for example).

Related to this would be pressing-and-holding (or right-clicking) a "footnote" to open its link in a new tab or new window.

Including this feature would enable the rapid switching of study locations for operators of the app and would make it easier for app users to follow along in class.

Tabbed Browsing Small.jpg
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Re: Feature Request: Tabbed Navigation (Windows 8)

Postby HintonBR » Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:51 pm

+1 - Great idea

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