Links to outside sources in Notes

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Links to outside sources in Notes

Postby jaredhallows » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:13 pm

I've hunted through the forums but have been unable to find anything on this. If I am in the wrong place or this has been addressed before, my apologies.

With the newest updates to the "Notes/Journal" portion of Gospel Library (iOS) and, you can no longer add links to outside resources/websites. Before, when on iOS, if you found a website/article that went along with something you were studying, you could copy and paste the link to that site into a note. That link would be clickable within the Notes section of Gospel Library and Now it just shows up as text which does nothing when clicked/tapped. Was this done on purpose? We've tried it on a few different devices/accounts and get the same result each time.

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