Gospel Library Annotation Problem

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Gospel Library Annotation Problem

Postby mickaltmyer » Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:28 am

I'm using an iPhone version 9 and add annotations to most verses in Book of Mormon and D&C. In sections or chapters with verses beyond about 75 the annotation will not stick / show unless I make the annotation for that verse and then delete the app from my device and then reinstall the app and sync all annotations. I have many and it takes 3 to 4 minutes to do the sync. Then the verse annotations will show and not disappear. If I have several annotations for one verse I must follow this above procedure for each. This is so frustrating and time consumming. A real weakness to the Gospel Library app. I wish someone would fix the problem. I've been asking for over 2 years. Any suggested work arounds other then what I'm doing? Please contact me mickaltmyer@gmail.com Thank you

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Re: Gospel Library Annotation Problem

Postby russellhltn » Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:39 am

I'd suggest emailing the Gospel Library iPhone support people. The address can be found here.
Have you searched the Wiki?
Try using a Google search by adding "site:tech.lds.org/wiki" to the search criteria.

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Re: Gospel Library Annotation Problem

Postby lajackson » Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:31 am

Or even better, use the help function in Gospel Library on your mobile device to send a report to the developers. That report will include information about your GL installation that may help them determine if this is a database problem on your device, or a limitation or other bug in the program itself. It will send the information as an email, but it will include a lot of helpful programming data with your report.

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