Disappearing Annotations, Especially Highlighting

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Disappearing Annotations, Especially Highlighting

Postby djdinut1 » Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:01 pm

I have been experiencing a consistent problem for months with the Gospel Library app on my iPhone 6 Plus. The problem is this: disappearing annotations, especially highlighting. The behavior is this: On the G/L app on my iPhone, I mark a word or phrase with highlighting. It appears for a few seconds but then disappears or, after leaving the document where I marked the highlight and returning to it, the highlight is gone. This happens whether I am syncing to my lds.org account or not—it makes no difference. The odd thing is that the highlighted word or phrase DOES sync to my lds.org account and appears there, even though it has disappeared from the G/L app on the iPhone. I tried to troubleshoot the problem by entirely deleting the G/L app from my iPhone, reloading it, and then syncing to my ls.org account, thus bringing all my annotations back to the app on the iPhone. The same problem occurs again immediately; disappearing annotations. Does this indicate there is some limit to the number of annotations the G/L app can handle? I certainly hope not because for years now, the G/L app has been my #1 scripture study tool. If there is a limit, it will be useless to me. Any input would be appreciated.

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