Annotation Limit by Section or Chapter

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Annotation Limit by Section or Chapter

Postby cdisteve » Tue Jan 27, 2015 8:28 pm

There appears to be a limit to the number of annotations (highlights, notes, links, etc.) that can be entered into a section in the D&C and I assume the other scriptures or materials in the Gospel Library. I discovered this when highlighting Section 88. At one point the highlights began to disappear after created and my iPad would not then or since show any of those annotation. If I removed one of the underlined highlights, I could add another highlight or note or link. It appears that this limitation is with the iPad, which has the capability of having multiple highlights for a word. On the PC, the new highlights entered in the iPad appeared but only one highlight per word was accepted or shown, the last highlight being the one shown.
I would love to see the limit increased!

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Re: Annotation Limit by Section or Chapter

Postby lmcguire » Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:07 am

I don't have an answer (or an iPhone/iPad anymore to check), but I'd like to follow this thread as the answer could well relate to all platforms, and I would be surprised if there were an intentional limit. As a developer, I have a pretty good idea how they designed this, and there shouldn't be a limit, so it seems probable that it has more to do with available memory to display the page content, or a bug or limit in the code that does the display (rather than a limit as to how many annotations can exist for a single book/verse/whatever).

I do wonder if "colorless" highlights would have the same problem. That is, if the multiple highlights are for different tags, links, and notes, rather than for visual purposes; and if the issue is a display / memory issue rather than a limit (in either the database or the logic which builds the page / footnote pane), then taking away the need for displaying a bunch of highlights on top of each other might also solve the problem... (Now if the goal is to see all those different highlights on top of each other, then this wouldn't help at all; and may not help anyway - depends where the issue is.)

Below is just a thought based on a feature I recently discovered (albeit in Android - but it usually gets features after Apple, so there's a chance Apple has it too). I once saw a training video for iPad which suggested you put each link on a separate highlight rather than multiple links on a single highlight, because otherwise you cannot delete only one link, you would have to delete the entire highlight and everything attached thereto, then recreate the stuff you still wanted, just to delete one link. On Android, you can now delete individual links without deleting anything else, and I'm mentioning it in case that's also true on Apple (now) and might be why you (or someone else reading this) has lots of highlights.

I'm NOT saying that's what you're doing, or trying to suggest that lots of highlights / annotations are wrong (on the contrary - the more the merrier, which is why I'm interested in this thread). Your post just caused me to remember the training described above and my recent discovery, which makes me wonder if Apple has a similar feature which nullifies the need to do multiple highlights _for that reason_. Take it for what it's worth (it may not even be applicable to you and what you're doing, but may be helpful for someone else)...

If one is doing so many highlights in order to put links, notes, and tags on separate highlights, I don't think that's necessary (anymore?). As far as I know, tags could always be deleted separately. You can only have one note per highlight (though there are ways to visually separate different thoughts in one note), so this might be a reason to use multiple highlights on the same text. But the handling of links has changed for Android, where you can now view each link and delete them separately - tap the link icon - which acts like you're going to make a new link - then open the (options) menu, choose "Manage Links", and it gives you the chance to remove existing links - I know Apple is different, but it usually get features first, so there may be something similar...

Hopefully someone in the know will see this topic and tell us where the issue you're seeing is (limit in database, limit in logic, bug, system memory...).



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Re: Annotation Limit by Section or Chapter

Postby djdinut1 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:43 pm

I'm having a similar problem with disappearing highlighting though my device is an iPhone 6 Plus and I'm currently highlighting verses in the Book of Mormon. I highlight a word or phrase and it appears for a few seconds but then disappears. I'm syncing to my account and the highlighting IS showing up in the respective verse on The problem is on my iPhone. I've had this problem off and on for many months.

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